ZL 2200 Youjie 1D USB Low Cost Barcode Scanner

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Brand: Honeywell/Youjie

Product Code:ZL 2200 1D USB

Warranty: 1 year

Honeywell Youjie ZL2200 Single-line Laser Scanner truly frees users from repetitive and tedious data collection work, eliminating errors from manual records entry.


Honeywell Youjie ZL2200 is a cost-effective single-line laser scanner with optimized performance. As an entry level bar code scanner targeting the low to middle segment of the AIDC markets, ZL2200 is ideal for various scanning applications like retail POS for small supermarkets and convenience stores, document scanning for office automation, and mail and parcels processing for post offices. With its innovative scanning platform design, ZL2200 enjoys similar performance from international AIDC vendors at an affordable price , while beating other low-cost brands with its better performance.

Featuring “plug-and-play” with no additional configuration needed, ZL2200 simplifies “ user set up with superior out-of-box experience. It can simply be plugged into any USB port of a PC or POS machine and it is ready to go.

To meet the challenging demand for high cost-efficient offering from high growth markets, Honeywell Youjie ZL2200 is engineered with a revolutionary scanning platform design. Sophisticated and integrated, Youjie combines the robust hardware design with an optimized software decoding algorithm. Built on this platform, ZL2200 scans much faster, with a greater depth of field and wider scanning angle. Its crisp and loud beeper helps operators confirm each successful scan easily, avoiding error or missed scans. Its ergonomic gunshape design combining top manufacturing technology provides comfortable grip for any hand size, greatly reducing users’ fatigue in high volume scanning environment.

Some of its features are,

  • Scan performance at an affordable price ratio: Highly cost effective, ideal for small- to medium-sized enterprises  
  • High Compatibility: “Plug-and-play” with “no extra setting” enables quick integration with various office devices
  • Outstanding Scanning Performance: Provides faster scanning, larger depth of field, wider scanning angle and zero error rates.
  • Proprietary Scanning Platform: Revolutionary scanning platform design with pending intellectual property rights (IPR) 
  • Ergonomic Form Factor design: Gun shape design comfortably fit in any hand size, reducing fatigue over long time use


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Color Black
Brand Honeywell
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