Cassida Titanium Mix Counting Machine

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Product Code: Cassida TITANIUM

Brand: Cassida

Warranty: 1 year

Description: MULTI-CURRENCY COUNT AND DETECTION 5 operation modes (including MIX and SORT) for up to 5 currencies including AED, USD Possibility to change the basic version of the currencies list Simple counting mode for bills of any condition and of different currencies Advanced technology allows quick bill counting and counterfeit detection simultaneously Up-to-date high detection technology with full IR CIS to detect entire bill surfaces CONSTANT COUNT AND DETECTION QUALITY Engineered for performance and designed for streamlined maintenance System self-diagnoses itself at machine start-up Easy software update via USB port or RS-232 connection to PC Engineered for easy, care-free maintenance Waterproof and anti-dust panel prevents moisture build-up and button sticks MIX AND SORT OPERATION MODES (currency is to be selected) MIX MODE: Count, calculate and verify a mixed stack of bills. Get detailed reports for each denomination and the grand total result SORT MODE: Count, calculate and verify a single-denomination stack. Check the presence of a single bill when you are in sort by the first bill NEXT-LEVEL COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES Displays detailed counting results on screen Organizer function (clock and calendar) Easy, intuitive operation and navigation for cash handlers, regardless of experience level Connect to a printer (optional)

Model Cassida TITANIUM series

Counting Speed 900/1000/1200/1400

Counting Modes Simple count, Mix count, Sort (Denomination) count, Add, Batch

Display Type/Inches 3.2” TFT Color LCD / 9

Power Consumption 12 W

Weight(kg) 7.3

Currency Range AED, USD, EUR (basic version)

Hooper Capacity 500 Bill, Stacker: 300 Bills

Counterfeit Detections 3D, UV, MG, MT, FL, CIS IR

Reports on the Display  Counting mode, Selected denomination , Total number of bills, Total value of all counted bills , Total number and value for each denomination, Error code, Time set

Power Supply 100-240 V

Dimensions 278*270*259 mm

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Color Black
Brand Cassida
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