CP-8400 Cipherlab PDT,1D, Dos, USB

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Product Code: CP 8400

Brand: Cipherlab

Warranty: 1 year

8400 Series

Light Industrial Mobile Computer with Bluetooth

Purposely designed to improve productivity, the 8400 series puts powerful mobile applications in the hands of workers who can use this smart handheld mobile computer with fast and easy data access. Wireless communications and advanced power efficiency ensures that your work isn't interrupted by a power failure or data loss. An optimal combination of functionality, value, and features in a rugged, ergonomic form, the 8400 series is ideal to accelerate complicated work and quickly deploy integrated applications using terminal emulation. For warehousing stock control, retail in-store, DSD, or field sales force automation, the 8400 series is clearly the right choice for managing the toughest operations.
OS CipherLab Operating System (cOS)
CPU 32-bit
Memory 4 MB Flash / 4 MB or 16 MB SRAM
Expansion micro SD slot with SDHC support
Operating power Rechargeable lithium battery: 3.7V, 1800 mAh
Working hours 110 hours
Wireless communication Bluetooth® Class 2
Barcode scanning Linear imager / Laser / 2D imager
Display 160 x 160 display, white LED backlight
Size 170.6 x 72.1 x 40.6 mm / 6.7 x 2.8 x 1.6 in.
Weight 295 g / 10.4 oz.
Impact resistance Multiple 1.5 m drops onto concrete, 5 drops on each side, 1000 tumbles at 100 cm, IP54
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Color Black
Brand Cipher Lab
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